Chudo Loo

Product and Visual Design

Hi, I’m a Product and UX Designer in Hakodate, Japan (from San José, California).


Engagio ABM Platform

Engagio Branding

FanTalk Mobile App

Lithium Profile Page and Commenting

Lithium UI Theming System

T-shirt Design

Marketing Print Design


A graphic + web + visual + UI + UX + product designer for over twenty years, I strive for simple, intuitive, and appealing designs backed by visual systems for clean and consistent user experiences. Once designs are ready for showtime, I’m also comfortable hand coding clean markup and style sheets.

With enterprise and SaaS experience in B2B sales/marketing, social, financial services, sports, and health monitoring, designing goal-directed solutions that are modular and flexible in an agile environment is my forte.

When I’m not in front of a work screen, you can find me designing t-shirts, gallery-hopping to find my next favorite lowbrow artist, quenching my wanderlust, or feasting on yakisoba and pot stickers. (I just started a blog and here's what I'm up to now.)

Please view my work experience on LinkedIn for the latest.

Expert In: Figma, Sketch, Component Libraries, Design Systems, CSS + Sass, HTML, Hand Coding, Prototypes, Zeplin, Abstract, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

Speaks: English, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin

Grew Up On: Maurice Sendak, Legos, “Beat” Takeshi, Akira Toriyama, Gundam, Bill Watterson, Matt Groening

Greatest Input Device of All Time: Thumb Trackball



This portfolio website was designed and hand coded by Chudo Loo on a MacBook Pro in San Jose, California, July, 2015. (Last updated August, 2019.) The HTML and CSS has been enhanced with: